STUDIO PILENS were invited to work on the vision for Mühlenhof Rooms with the intention of creating a timeless and outstanding space while preserving the heritage of the historical site. 

Known for their contemporary approach to design and intuitive feeling of space, STUDIO PILENS designs spaces where the old and the new meet in synthesis. With soft textures layered on robust backgrounds, the aim is to create an experience for the senses. 

Mühlenhof Rooms was envisioned as a hideaway for wine and design travelers. Artful objects and bespoke pieces subtly reference the vinous concept, as does the muted color palette. Imagine wet flour, olive trees in the dark, and vineyard trails that lead to your home away from home. These are the elements the creative duo Santa and Martins Pilens played with to bring you Mühlenhof Rooms. 


An organic synthesis enticing to lovers of life, wine and design

JULEP ISLAND by Jonas Wagell for Tacchini 

Inspired by the grandeur of the Avant-Garde movement, the Julep Island sofa is a statement centerpiece that infuses straightforward shapes with romantic glamour, inviting one to recline in its supple embrace. 

SPADE CHAIR by Faye Toogood for Please Wait To Be Seated

The elegant and minimal silhouette of the Spade Chair is a contemporary take on the traditional tools of the English countryside: the milking stool and the spade. Combined into the essential furniture piece – the chair – they integrate beautifully into the modern

STRING SYSTEM by Nisse Strinning and Kajsa Strinning for String Furniture 

The String shelving system, first designed in 1949 by architects Nisse and Kajsa Strinning, is the poster child of Scandinavian sleekness and functionality. The metal and wooden shelves can be mixed and matched to create a system suitable for the individual’s needs. 

FLOWERPOT VP3 by Verner Panton
for &Tradition

The design for the Flowerpot lamp was conceived during the Flower Power movement in the late 60s. While striving towards greater harmony in the wider world, the harmonious shape and diffused light of the lamp brings peace to the interior, to your private ecosystem. 

P376 KF1 by Preben Juhl Fabriciusby & Jørgen Kastholm  for &Tradition 

The pendant lamp is composed of five polished layers that build on each other to reach the very center from where soft light is emitted. With its aluminum cover and architectural angles, the lamp brings a captivating presence to any space. 

DOUBLE WINE RACK STORAGE and DISPLAY RACK by Martins Pilens for MyWineDesign

This elegant wine rack from MyWineDesign keeps wine bottles safe and sound with style. A piece of wine furniture that meets the needs of the modern wine enthusiast: class and comfort are a given. 


Frame Work by Santa Pilens

Abstract graphical artworks by artist Santa Pilens accentuate the appreciation of wine culture that Mühlenhof Rooms embodies. The art pieces reflect on the theme of the vineyard, inviting you to contemplate wine wherever you go.

TERROIR Size 70×100 located in R°5

EN ROUTE Size: 70×100 located in R° 3

WEDDING AT CANA  Size: 70×100 located first floor

WINE TRAUBEN Size: 70×100 located in R°2

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Gartenzeile 5
 3550 Langenlois; Austria